Diemme food azienda italiana che produce frozen yogurt

Area of expertise

Complete line of products created to merge both quality and service, from the most modern ice cream shop, to the top traditional scenario of italian artisanal Gelato.
Balanced powdered bases with different dosages for cold or hot ice cream preparation either milk based rather than fruit based. They will certainly satisfy the expectations and needs of the most professional experts, being also useful for the less experienced one, who are always in need of products and recipes of secure success.

Typical pastes for gelato application either sugar based or fat based. They deliver taste and colour at the same time for the most succesful and authentic gelato ever.
Complete line for cream tastes or fruits ones.

Wide range of bottled toppings, fruit ripples with or without pieces.
To complete the line, we also offer a great variety of sauces for decorating gelato with creativity.

Every success means know-how, passion, commitment:
fondamental ingredients that can distinguish us as the right partner to realize your ambitious project.