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When Aromas awakens all your senses in the wider application range, from food to non - food.

italian frozen yogurt

Semilavorati completi per uso professionale, semplici da utilizzare, golosi e veloci da preparare in acqua o latte, che potrai ulteriormente personalizzare con un’ampia gamma di topping e creme e decorazioni.

italian frozen yogurt

Your Frozen Yogurt Specialist Knowledge... in functional ingredients and taste experience combined together to offer all our customers a complete sensory experience where taste, texture and visuals are the heart of it.

Diemme food azienda italiana che produce frozen yogurt

Competence and passion for taste at disposal of all the Ho.re.ca players.
Dedicated lines of products have been developed to facilitate the Ho.re.ca operators in theirs daily routine, granting them time saving in terms of application process, as well as high quality standard and taste.

Diemme food azienda italiana che produce frozen yogurt

MASTER GELATO LAB, the most complete and creative lab ever, always updated with the market trends. Dedicated to the sensory experience, develops for you new ideas, products and combinations as well as innovative concepts, linked to the Gelato world and their applications. The most greedy lab in the world !

FDA registered

Every success means know-how, passion, commitment:
fondamental ingredients that can distinguish us as the right partner to realize your ambitious project.